Be a Part of History!

We are excited to release the application to participate in our first Digital Storytelling Workshop!  

UPDATE: the application has now closed.  Thank you to all for your interest and for sharing your awesome stories.

Personal stories are the fabric of history.  The history that we recognize today is built upon the stories that make it into our historical institutions: museums, libraries and archives.  Yet, very few historical narratives include information about people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer (LGBTQ) or not straight.  LGBTQ peoples are present in every community; across racial, ethnic, economic, geographic and other social dividers–we are there.  Weaving our stories into larger historical narratives is important for ensuring that our presence and contributions are remembered and recognized.

This Digital Storytelling Workshop will give 10 participants a chance to be remembered and recognized.  Different than recording a life history, this workshop will guide participants through a process of selecting a significant life moment and constructing a visual-audio narrative about that experience.  The resulting 3 minute video will be a self-created representation of one person’s experience of being LGBTQ in the Pacific Northwest.

The videos created will be publicly screened at the Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI) on Saturday June 8 2013.  In addition, participants will have the opportunity to contribute their videos to archive and library collections and for consideration in the queer-themed history exhibit which will open at MOHAI in 2014.

So, spread the word!  Invite your friends to apply.  Send the application to community groups that serve LGBTQ populations.  Nominate someone who you think has a great personal story.  And fill out the application yourself.

Applications must be received by Friday March 8, 2013.   Details and application are here.

Lily Divine loves us and we love them!

Reeling from our granting victory with the Pride Foundation, December showered QTM with early end of the year rewards. QTM is the latest recipient of the Lily Divine Productions community grant. Excited and overwhelmed by the granting process we celebrated, for about a month…


Shortly after the award notification QTM hosted the first Community Advisory Committee meeting, which was shortly followed by the holiday haze. The holiday haze included an incredibly queer treat, Debauchery. Debauchery is a monthly queer produced event that features the queerest Burlesque you can find. The entire event from the location, to the raffle prizes and the audience makes it super queer. This event made our queer chest space all warm and fuzzy, without a fat man in a red suit. Glitter, pasties and queers a plenty.

The most important part of this holiday tale is the giving. Lily Divine Productions produces this monthly event to raise funds that turn into grants to support local queer community groups. QTM was the humble recipients of this grant, which will be used to support our Digital Storytelling project slated forMarch of 2013, procuring the needed technology to allow individuals to capture their stories. This funding is critical and without Lily Divine, the Digital Storytelling project would not become a reality. A HUGE thank you and a high five to Lily Devine Productions from the bottom of our queer hearts. If you need a few dollars to support your queer work, attend Debauchery, check out Lily Divine Productions and apply for their community grant.

As the year comes to end QTM presses forward and resolves to make museums a bit queerer. Let us know how we can help your work, connect our work or if you just want to chat about queer things and museum things let us know.

The Pride Foundation has our back!

In the most exciting news of the QTM story, we have received our first grant! The Pride Foundation has awarded QTM and MOHAI funds to support the development of the Queer History Exhibition!

We are so grateful for the efforts of MOHAI ‘s advancement department and the trust of the Pride Foundation!

Thank you!

We have finalized our CAC!

QTM is pleased to announce that we are working with so many amazing community groups that our chest space is continually seizing. We have a variety of expertise, creativity and passion on this project including:

Entre Hermanos

 #1 Must Have Zine

The Rainbow Center Tacoma

Northwest Gay and Lesbian History Museum Project

Split Six Productions

Queer Social Club

Old Lesbians Organizing for Change

Queer Youth Space

Lily Divine Production

If you are interested in joining the CAC, we want you! Email

Check out this blog post from The Incluseum!

The Incluseum, simply put is working to encourage social inclusion in museums and so are we. The Incluseum  asked for a post about the work we have been doing with QTM. Without a second though we did it. This post lays out the next year of QTM projects, Queer is here and in our Museums.


A Seattle Digital Storytelling Project

One element of my PhD dissertation work will be a Seattle-based Digital Storytelling Project. I am excited about this model of collecting individual histories because it gives so much of the content ownership to the person whose story is being told.
This summer, I am working with Erin to create a Community Advisory Committee that will help us select 10 individuals for participation. In February, those 10 local LGBTQ individuals will participate in a 3 Day workshop where they will be led through the process of reflecting on their own lives and selecting one story to tell. Participants will actually record their own narration, provide photos and music and be guided through the editing process to create a 2 to 3 minute video. The videos will be screened for the first time at the Queering the History Museum Symposium in May 2013!
This project is intended to add to the historical record and preserve the narratives of LGBTQ peoples, peoples whose stories are often left out.
Contact us if you want to know more about the project, or how you can help!

Qt(A)M came and went…what’s next?

So the Queering the Art Museum symposium came and went in a flash. We worked hard, got all the loose ends tied up and now we are pushing into the next project. We are focusing on creating our community advisory committee for the Queering the History Museum project. Our CAC will help us connect with resources, share ideas and provide experiences. Connecting with the community drives our passion and we look forward to your support for the future of QTM.

If you know someone or group that is ideal for our CAC don’t be shy!

QT(A)M Is Almost Here!

Erin and I are so excited that Queering the (Art) Museum is almost here!  We were at The Space this weekend hanging the art for Hide//See//Difference//Desire//NW.  Wow!  We are so lucky to be including the work of many talented local artists.  This is a show you will want to see.  Happily, the show will be on display through the end of July, thanks to a partnership with The Space and The Rainbow Center.

Please come out and support the events this weekend.  We have an exciting range of activities including art talks, panel discussions, art tours and a big queer party!  Bring your friends.

Event details here:

See you there!


Hide//Seek//Difference//Desire//Northwest is a local response to the Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture now open at the Tacoma Art Museum. The exhibit features 19 Northwest Artists exploring the same themes as Hide/Seek including same sex desire, community and portraiture.

Over 19 artists featured in the exhibition include Holly Senn, Amy Ryken, Rafael Soldi, Sabina Sun, Julia Barbee, Erin Oly, T-Town Transgender Neighbors, Clyde Petersen, Sharon Styer, Cody Blomberg, Leigh Riibe, Ric Hall/Ron Schmitt, Abby Lazerow, Steffen Minner, #1 Must Have Zine, Rebecca Maxim, Zephyr Elise, Lauren Faulkner.

Hide//Seek//Difference//Desire//Northwest opening reception May 12 at 7:30 pm. The exhibit will open at The Space Tacoma, with a reception featuring performances by Tender Forever.

The exhibit will be open from May 12, 2012 – July, 30 2012.

Email with any questions.

Queering the (Art) Museum

Queering the Museum’s first event is almost here!  We are so excited for the line up of events!

Friday evening, May 11th, features keynote presentations from Jonathan Katz, co-curator of Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture, Rock Hushka and Stephanie Stebich from the Tacoma Art Museum, where Hide/Seek is currently on display.

On Saturday, a panel will discuss the state of queer in museums in what promises to be a lively conversation titled “Where Do We Go from Here?”

Then Katz will lead a tour of Hide/Seek at the Tacoma Art Museum

The day concludes with the opening of local queer art show Hide/Seek/Difference//Desire//NW and a fabulous free party featuring the music of Tender Forever at The Space in Tacoma.

More details here. Reserve your tickets here.

See you there!

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