Lily Divine loves us and we love them!

Reeling from our granting victory with the Pride Foundation, December showered QTM with early end of the year rewards. QTM is the latest recipient of the Lily Divine Productions community grant. Excited and overwhelmed by the granting process we celebrated, for about a month…


Shortly after the award notification QTM hosted the first Community Advisory Committee meeting, which was shortly followed by the holiday haze. The holiday haze included an incredibly queer treat, Debauchery. Debauchery is a monthly queer produced event that features the queerest Burlesque you can find. The entire event from the location, to the raffle prizes and the audience makes it super queer. This event made our queer chest space all warm and fuzzy, without a fat man in a red suit. Glitter, pasties and queers a plenty.

The most important part of this holiday tale is the giving. Lily Divine Productions produces this monthly event to raise funds that turn into grants to support local queer community groups. QTM was the humble recipients of this grant, which will be used to support our Digital Storytelling project slated forMarch of 2013, procuring the needed technology to allow individuals to capture their stories. This funding is critical and without Lily Divine, the Digital Storytelling project would not become a reality. A HUGE thank you and a high five to Lily Devine Productions from the bottom of our queer hearts. If you need a few dollars to support your queer work, attend Debauchery, check out Lily Divine Productions and apply for their community grant.

As the year comes to end QTM presses forward and resolves to make museums a bit queerer. Let us know how we can help your work, connect our work or if you just want to chat about queer things and museum things let us know.

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