Be a Part of History!

We are excited to release the application to participate in our first Digital Storytelling Workshop!  

UPDATE: the application has now closed.  Thank you to all for your interest and for sharing your awesome stories.

Personal stories are the fabric of history.  The history that we recognize today is built upon the stories that make it into our historical institutions: museums, libraries and archives.  Yet, very few historical narratives include information about people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer (LGBTQ) or not straight.  LGBTQ peoples are present in every community; across racial, ethnic, economic, geographic and other social dividers–we are there.  Weaving our stories into larger historical narratives is important for ensuring that our presence and contributions are remembered and recognized.

This Digital Storytelling Workshop will give 10 participants a chance to be remembered and recognized.  Different than recording a life history, this workshop will guide participants through a process of selecting a significant life moment and constructing a visual-audio narrative about that experience.  The resulting 3 minute video will be a self-created representation of one person’s experience of being LGBTQ in the Pacific Northwest.

The videos created will be publicly screened at the Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI) on Saturday June 8 2013.  In addition, participants will have the opportunity to contribute their videos to archive and library collections and for consideration in the queer-themed history exhibit which will open at MOHAI in 2014.

So, spread the word!  Invite your friends to apply.  Send the application to community groups that serve LGBTQ populations.  Nominate someone who you think has a great personal story.  And fill out the application yourself.

Applications must be received by Friday March 8, 2013.   Details and application are here.

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