The Faces Behind QTM

Who Are We? 

Erin Bailey and Nicole Robert bring together a mutual passion for the liberatory possibilities of museum work with a deep love for museums in general.  We ground our work in years of practical museum experience, including work in both history and art museums.

Erin is a graduate from the University of Washington Museology program.  Erin’s research focuses on queer representation in museums and is currently an Independent Contractor with the Seattle Art Museum.

Nicole is completing a PhD in Feminist Studies at the University of Washington’s Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies Department.  Building on her MA in Museology, Nicole researches the intersections of race, gender and sexuality in history museums.  She has experience in several local museums, including the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture and the Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience.  Nicole teaches courses on public culture, diversity and inclusion, feminism and gender studies.  She recently published an article, “Getting Intersectional in Museums” in the Journal of Museums and Social Issues, which you can download from her Linked In profile:

Erin and Nicole collaboratively created the Queering the Museum project as a way to unite their theoretical research with the practices of museum work.

A photo of Erin A photo of Nicole

2 thoughts on “The Faces Behind QTM

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