Narrating Our Own Stories: A Queer Digital Storytelling Project

The following videos were created by participants of our April 2013 Digital Storytelling Workshop.  Each participant chose a significant personal narrative and created a 3 to 4 minute video based on that story.   The one thing all participants had in common was identifying as queer in some way.  We are grateful to the participants for their hard work and courage in sharing their important stories.  Watch this page as we continue to add videos.

“Identity” a film by Caleb Hernandez 

“Omecihuatl” a film by Jacque Larrainzar  

“De Facto” a film by Mian Carvin  

“The Beautifu Struggle” a film by Isis Asare  

“Love, Petra” a film by Petra Davis  

“Every Woman, Ever More” a film by Jourdan Imani Keith  

A big thank you to Angelica Macklin who generously donated her technical expertise in facilitating the workshop and in helping with final edits.   We are grateful for the invaluable support of Lily Divine Productions, Prof. Ron Krabill, Rebecca Simms and the QTM Community Advisory Committee.  This project was also supported by the Point Foundation as Nicole Robert’s Point Scholar Community Service Project.  And of course, thank you to all of the amazing film makers.

3 thoughts on “Narrating Our Own Stories: A Queer Digital Storytelling Project

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