Queering the Museum Project

Queer Digital Stories: Looking Back

It is just over a year since the Revealing Queer exhibit at the Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI) closed, and over two years since the QTM Digital Storytelling Workshop took place.

Pictured are our Digital Storytellers: Isis Asare, Mian Carvin, Margaret Elisabeth, Jacque Larrainzar, Fia Gibbs, Petra Davis, Caleb Hernandez and Jourdan Keith.  Photo by Angelica Macklin.

The QTM project chose a digital storytelling workshop for several reasons:

The workshop was designed and facilitated by Angelica Macklin and Nicole Robert, with the help of Rebecca Sims.  The films were created by eight queer storytellers, each with their own unique identities within the framework of queerness.

So, what happened?

We asked the filmmakers to share their reflections on being a participant in this workshop, now that time has passed. We wanted to know what impact the workshop itself had on their lives, as well as the personal impact of the films they produced.  Several of them responded.  We are excited to share these with you In the following months.  Check back soon!

Queer Digital Stories: Identity
De Facto
Omecihuatl: Reclaiming Gender through Undocumented Stories